How It Works

Along with showcasing each of our affiliates’ expertise with individual profiles, Triber employs the latest marketing methods for its business community. Our content marketing operations integrate with social media, professional networks, and other third-party platforms; providing enhanced visibility and relevance among targeted consumers.

Automated content marketing operations employed behind-the-scenes enhance touch-point communications with consumers to nurture relationships with long-term value and loyalty to your brand.

Service on-demand technology makes your service available to consumers on-the-go, helping your customers find you the very instant they need you.

Your Triber Profile

Your profile is the most important aspect of being on the Triber Community. Everything you list on your business profile is public and will help you gain customers trust, have customers compare you to others and ultimately make their decision on hiring you.

Business Verification

When submitting your business to Triber, we take that information and cross check it against multiple sites to make sure you business is in good standing order. Once you pass those scans, you will receive the “Verified” checkmark on your profile. This allows customers to see that your profile is verified by our team of experts.

Consumer to Business Communication

Triber consumers can easily communicate with businesses like yours in order to talk about pricing, scheduling and more. This is exceptionally great when both the consumer and the business have both downloaded the app. While communicating through our email system works, chat messages are quicker and your responsiveness is key when consumers are looking for someone to hire.